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Hi everyone, my name is Andy Quillen. I was introduced to the game at the age of 14, when I began working summers at a local 9-hole course. I loved everything about the game - the challenge of trying to master multiple skills of power and finesse, the solitary and mental aspect, the freedom and beauty of where and how you played it. The elements of fairness, integrity and honor, the acceptance of all ages and skill levels, and especially all the wonderful people who I've had the privlage of workng with, playing for and competing against in this.... 'the greatest of all games".. 

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In the summer of 2020 I traveled to Ft Pierce, Florida and enrolled in the United States Golf Teaching Federation School. A USGTF Certification® cannot be obtained online. Each student must attend classes and have passing scores in the skills of: 

* Swing Fundamentals 

* Rules Exam

* Verbal - detecting swings flaws & corrective action

* PAT - Playing Ability Test (the "biggie")  one day, one time only event played on an 18-hole Championship course by USGA tournament rules.  (Of the 13 students in my class, only myself, and two others obtained a full certification.)

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                                  GOLF CAREER HIGHLIGHTS                                  

  • Has played as a low single digit handicapper for almost 50 years

  • Competed at the highest level in over 200 regional amateur events 

  • Ranked as one of the top ten local amateurs from 1992 - 1998

  • Has 30 wins and 75 top tens playing in junior, men & senior events 

  • Holds school record for most consecutive birdies in a round, at seven

  • Twice recorded 3 eagles in a single round during a local Senior event

  • Has 5 holes-in one, 2 albatrosses, and several occasions where he      "choked the neck off it" with just three holes left to play. 

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