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Swing flaws, ball striking, putting, or short game. Work on what you want when you want. Crockett Ridge Golf Acadamy is here to help.

Hi-speed cameras record your swing - 'face on & down the line'. Our Professional reviews this video using swing anaylsis software showing which fundamentals you're performing well, and which need improvement.

Five "good" shots are recorded for each of the 13 clubs you normally play with. This data is then averaged to obtain carry distance, club & ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more.

recording 30 wins and 70+ top ten finishes. You will learn the "specialty shots" to save par, green reading, when to play safe and when to go for it - a course strategy suited to YOUR game. Plus, technics the best players use to decrease nervous tension. maintain focus, handle pressure, and post lower scores !


2-hour group lessons conducted on Friday evenings (6-8pm) during the summer months. Dates and topics based on weather and demand. 

Topics include: green reading, chipping & putting, bunker play, specialty shots, hitting from uneven lies, controlling ball flight, and more

A 15-hour course, taught over 6 days. Students attend informal classes on the game’s history & key events. You will learn basic game and swing terminology and how to read a scorecard, Common rules, and proper etiquette. All session include swing instruction and range practice. Final day is 9-hole playing event at Crockett Ridge.  

All participants will receive a video copy of their swing and brief written analysis.

All participates receive a written report for each clubs results.   

Success on the golf course isn’t just about physical skill; it’s also about mental strength, focus, strategy, and concentration. You play a 9-hole round with our USGTF Professional - Andy Quillen. Andy has competed at the highest level in over 250 local and regional events

Price includes range balls, green fees & cart

This is the introductory lesson for both the student and instructor to get to know each other, evaluate skillsets, set goals, and develop a training plan. You want to be a better golfer, and Crockett Ridge Golf Academy is here to help!

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